Descript Acquires SquadCast: Free Online Recording for all Subscribers

Descript Acquires SquadCast: Free Online Recording for all Subscribers

15 August, 2023 - Some exciting news from Descript today, it was announced that Descript has acquired SquadCast. So SquadCast is now part of Descript. 

If you have a Descript account, the great news is you can now link your Descript account to SquadCast and have online recording for free.

If you had SquadCast before, you're not going to have to pay for it anymore because you can link that with your Descript account. So you will be able to use all of the power of SquadCast to record interviews, podcasts, audiobooks, and as soon as you're done recording, they will end up in Descript for you to manage.

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How to link your Descript account to SquadCast

If you open Descript starting today, 15th of August, 2023, go to the top-right where your account is, and you go to Settings and then go to your Subscription.


And you should have a link here now to Connect to SquadCast. At the moment I have a pro subscription. I'm assuming it works for creator too. 


When you click that link, you go to the SquadCast website, and then there you should choose which drive you want to connect to it, and then log in to SquadCast and have your account linked.


And then if you come out of this, look, it also creates an instant Descript session before you start recording. So on the SquadCast website, of course, you see now that the logo actually shows SquadCast by Descript.


So this was in the works for quite some time.

And my account now in SquadCast actually shows my subscription from Descript. Descript Pro subscription, which gives me all of these things that you have here, including 4K, video and so on.


So as soon as you finish recording in SquadCast, your session's going to be transmitted over to Descript for editing, just like all the other integrations. 

Descript has had integrations like this for a while with Riverside and other applications and also SquadCast now.

So this is obviously great news, if you're a podcaster and you are already paying for another platform to record with and then download those files, transmit them over, and so on. If you are already paying for Descript to edit your podcast, this is great news so you can actually continue paying. I don't know if that means the prices might go up at some point.

So don't forget, if you actually start this process from within Descript, I think that's the easiest way to do it. You just go to your drive like I showed before, and just connect your account to SquadCast.

By the way, make sure you have the latest version of Descript. This is from version 70.1.2, which has been released yesterday, 14th of August, 2023. As soon as you have that, go to your drive, go to your Options, Subscriptions and see if you have that link there to connect to SquadCast. 

I think you can also connect an existing account, which is what I did, I had an account before with SquadCast that I just linked now to my Descript account, and it has become free.

There you have it. So if you want to try Descript for free, see if it works to link it to your SquadCast and happy podcasting!


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