Descript Migration. Classic to Storyboard - minicourse

Descript Migration. Classic to Storyboard - minicourse

Don't Panic! We're About to Lose Access to Descript Classic

Descript announced that their old version of the product - the Classic version - would be retired on October 1st. If you were still relying on it, unfortunately you have no choice anymore.

I've been using the new version - Storyboard - for over a year and have been coaching more than 100 clients on how to use it, in addition to my Descript Storyboard Course.

Let me hold your hand

I'm going to be live on Monday for a one-hour breakdown of the new version vs the old and to answer your questions.

I will be going through a detailed walkthrough and comparison between Classic and the new version - Storyboard:

- Navigating the new interface

- Where has everything moved?

- What is the new name for stuff?

- Where are the files, compositions?

- What are scenes and how do they work?

- What will happen to my old projects?

- And more...

We will go over every feature so that you can have a seamless transition and hit the ground running.

If you're a podcast editor, video editor, podcast manager, or simply want to record and edit your podcast using Descript, and have resisted the change to Storyboard until now, sadly, the window is closing this weekend.

If you haven't taken the plunge into Descript Storyboard yet, this is your chance to get up to speed and have a kickstart!

Update: If you've missed this webinar, I've created a minicourse from it with the same information, but broken down into neat chapters for easy consumption. You can watch it at your own leisure here:

Watch the minicourse here



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