Descript Scenes and Templates: Learn All About Them Live with Cristi

Descript Scenes and Templates: Learn All About Them Live with Cristi

Join me on a live webinar next week, Oct 16, 2023 6:00PM, to learn about scenes in Descript Storyboard and how to use them in your video editing workflow. 

Scenes are Descript's new video editing workflow for controlling layout, arranging items on screen, cropping your clips, placing them in different locations and have elements show up or disappear when you want them to.

Work smarter, not harder in Descript. Understanding scenes in Descript will open up a lot of possibilities for your videos, from arranging interviews with side-by-side views, creating courses, social media clips, sales videos and more.

In this live webinar we will:

  • Understand what scenes are
  • Learn how to create scenes
  • Control layouts and placement of elements on the screen
  • Learn how to change properties of scenes
  • Master transitions
  • Control where scenes start and end
  • Create templates from scenes and apply them to a new project
  • And more!

Descript Storyboard is the new version of Descript and the only one that supports templates. Templates, used effectively, will save time and replicate your layouts, apply branding and colors. Descript allows you to re-use layouts and create templates that you can apply to all of your episodes or videos. 

Learn with me

I've been coaching more than 100 students so far in how to use Descript's new version and I can confidently and clearly walk you through all of these features so you can master video editing in Descript. 

We will also take questions.

Register for the webinar

You can register for this webinar at the link below (members have free access, so do take advantage of it). 

A recording will be available at the end and also in the membership platform.

Use the link below to register for the webinar:

Register for the webinar

Last week's webinar

Last week, we looked at migration from Descript Classic to Storyboard. That session is available as a minicourse here as well.


I specialize in providing clear one-on-one training in software such as Camtasia and Descript, helping you make the most of these programs. Whether you're interested in learning how to create training videos and tutorials for your company or for YouTube, or are hoping to create your own course or start a podcast, I'm here to help you get started and give you all the shortcuts.