Sequences menu

Another one of the powerful features in ConvertKit are sequences. They are simple series of emails - one to unlimited - that you can orchestrate to send out one after the other to subscribers that meet certain criteria - for example, subscribing to a form.

There is no limit to the sequences you can have in your account as well as to the emails in a sequence. 

You can have a sequence with just one email if you want. I have created one for a client that has a chain of fewer than 20 bookshops - as soon as the customers subscribed to their mailing list, I was adding them to a sequence of one email that was asking the subscriber which was their nearest bookshop. This email was going out as soon as they subscribed, they answered the question and we knew the favourite shop of each new subscriber (if they cared to share with us). We didn’t have to worry about asking manually or sending a specific email to each subscriber. It was just ‘set-it-and-leave-it’ like!

In order to subscribe someone to a sequence, you have to add them following an event (such as when they subscribe to a form or when they click a specific link).

I like to think of sequences as those tour buses in large cities - the ones they have in London, for example - where you can ‘hop on’ and ride a bus for a while and then when you see something interesting, you ‘hop off’, explore for a while and then ‘hop back on’ a different one. 

In the same way, you can add or remove a subscriber from sequences, depending on their actions, preferences, purchases they make or things they subscribe to. ConvertKit keeps track of where everyone is, where they’ve been and takes care of moving them around, according to the rules and automations you’ve created.

What are some use cases for ConvertKit sequences?

  • Create email courses (free or paid). In fact, when ConvertKit first started, sequences were called ‘courses’ because they were first created with this progression in mind.
  • If someone signs up on your website or blog to receive a ‘content upgrade’, you can add them to a sequence that pitches a product related to that content upgrade.
  • Create a series of emails introducing your services, one by one, to new subscribers
  • Create a welcome quiz or series of simple polls that will help categorise your subscribers and add a little bit of ‘interest’ metadata to their profile. Learn more about your subscribers and speak more to their needs - that’s what personalisation is all about!