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What is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is an ESP (Email Services Provider) - you can use it to build an email list, manage your subscribers and send them newsletters (or broadcasts), organise them with tags, segment and target them efficiently through marketing sequences and automations. Learn more about what is an ESP and what to look for in one.

ConvertKit has a few notable differences from other similar platforms, the shining one being automations: you can tag, group, segment and target your subscribers differently based on their actions on your website or in emails you send them. To find out more about ConvertKit's features, you can read my short overview.

The ConvertKit Course

I've decided to build this course as a go-to resource for everything ConvertKit, as I've learned and implemented it for myself and for my clients - from starting out with the ConvertKit platform, setting up your account for the first time, to managing your subscribers and automations, to advanced topics such as customising your templates, condition blocks, the API and more.

I'll be adding more sections and resources related to ConvertKit as well as collateral email marketing topics to this course over the next few weeks so please make sure to check back often for updates.

Before you start...

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Course outline

I've tried to structure this course as progressively as I could so that you could start with the basic concepts about email marketing, deliverability and other introductory notions and only after that, moving to specific ConvertKit functionality. 

Each section builds on the previous one so, for example, I haven't introduced tags before explaining what subscribers are and how they are managed. Likewise, I haven't talked about segmentation before talking about tags and their role in the overall scheme of things.

If you find that a section of this course is not explanatory enough or could use amendments, please let me know!

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